Cybersecurity and privacy

The escalating landscape of cyber threats underscores the essential need for a robust cybersecurity program. Our services empower organizations to defend against threats, drive transformative initiatives, and foster growth.

We go beyond safeguarding business value; we generate it.
By leveraging cybersecurity and privacy, we facilitate the transformation of businesses. In the shift towards a digital business model, the volume of data exchanged between organizations, partners, and customers grows exponentially.

Digital transformation, however, exposes companies to novel digital vulnerabilities, emphasizing the criticality of robust cybersecurity and privacy measures. Our approach integrates four essential elements, enabling you to perceive cybersecurity and privacy not only as safeguards but also as catalysts for business advancement.
Strategy and transformation

Our expertise lies in assisting you in evaluating, managing, and devising transformational strategies to bolster your cybersecurity capabilities.

Our services:

• Strategy development and transformation
• Cybersecurity risk and governance
• Third party security risk management

Leveraging the potential of innovative technologies for business expansion.

Privacy and consumer protection

Our services are designed to assist you in developing a privacy program that aligns with global data privacy regulations.

Our services:

• Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance  
EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
• Privacy assessment
• Data privacy and protection, advisory, compliance and audit

Foster confidence and ignite expansion.

Implementation and operations

Our assistance extends to seamlessly integrating new and existing technology systems into your business. Furthermore, we actively manage these systems, ensuring a continuous stream of operational enhancements and maximizing your investment in cybersecurity.

Our services:

• Code reviews
• Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
• Cyber resiliency and business continuity

Incorporate, oversee, and enhance technological systems.

Incident and threat management

We offer assistance in detecting, responding to, investigating, and remediating threats throughout the incident management life cycle. Our team can guide you in comprehending dynamic cybersecurity challenges, adapting and responding to risks inherent to your business ecosystem, and prioritizing and safeguarding the most valuable assets crucial to your business strategy.

Our services:

• Incident readiness
• Incident response
• Incident response retainers
• Post incident review

Detect, address, and resolve potential security risks.

Strike the right equilibrium between security and opportunity to boldly advance.

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