ISO 14064-1:2018 Certification

ISO 14064-1 is an international standard specifically designed for businesses and organizations to establish specifications and requirements for conducting a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory. It is the first part of the ISO 14064 series on greenhouse gas inventories. To ensure the quality and effectiveness of GHG inventory activities for businesses and organizations, ISO 14064-1 certification involves verification using standardized methods. This set of standards ensures consistency, transparency, and reliability in greenhouse gas inventories, allowing stakeholders to trust the accuracy of the inventory results.

The Core Content

Objectives and Scope:
This standard provides clear guidance for businesses to determine the objectives and boundaries of greenhouse gas inventories. It outlines which emission sources should be included in the inventory, which ones can be omitted, and how to define the scope of the organization's activities.

Measurement and Reporting:
The standard guides businesses on how to calculate and report their greenhouse gas emissions and removals. This encompasses direct emissions (generated directly by the company's facilities or equipment), indirect emissions (generated by the company's electricity consumption), and other related emissions. It requires businesses to report their greenhouse gas activities in accordance with the standard's specifications and requirements.

Verification and Validation:
ISO 14064-1 establishes verification procedures for greenhouse gas inventories, requiring businesses to undergo third-party verification to ensure the reported information is truthful and accurate.

The Benefits

ISO 14064-1 certification is primarily aimed at ensuring that businesses and organizations follow internationally recognized standards and methods when conducting greenhouse gas inventories. Through this certification, businesses and organizations can enhance their competitiveness and reputation in the international market.

Enhanced Reputation:
With ISO 14064-1 certification, businesses not only demonstrate their commitment to addressing climate change but also strengthen their public image and market position.
Compliance with Regulatory Requirements:
As global environmental regulations become increasingly stringent, ISO 14064-1 certification has become an entry-level standard in many countries and regions. Obtaining ISO 14064-1 certification helps mitigate potential legal risks.

Improved Operational Efficiency:
During the ISO 14064-1 certification process, systematic greenhouse gas inventories enable businesses to identify potential energy-saving and emission reduction opportunities, further reducing operational costs.

Facilitates Continuous Improvement:
It provides a framework for businesses to continuously monitor, assess, and improve their greenhouse gas inventories and emission reduction strategies.

ISO 14064-1 Consulting Services

The primary role of ISO 14064-1 consultants is to assist businesses and organizations in understanding the requirements of ISO 14064-1 certification. They provide professional advice and guidance to ensure that organizations meet the standards when implementing greenhouse gas inventories. Additionally, ISO 14064-1 certification consultants help organizations conduct self-assessments, ensuring a smooth certification audit process.

Assessment: ISO 14064-1 certification consultants will conduct a comprehensive assessment initially to understand the current status of your company's greenhouse gas inventory.
Based on the assessment results, ISO 14064-1 consultants will provide suitable strategies and recommendations to ensure a smooth ISO 14064-1 certification process.
Throughout the preparation for ISO 14064-1 certification, consultants will offer professional training for your staff to ensure they comprehend and master relevant knowledge about the inventory.
During the entire ISO 14064-1 certification process, consultants will provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that you can maintain the standards of ISO 14064-1 certification smoothly.

ISO 14064-1 Certification Cost

The ISO 14064-1 certification cost encompasses various components, including the audit fees charged by the certification body and the fees for ISO 14064-1 certification consultants. Specific costs will be adjusted based on factors such as the size of the enterprise, location, and nature of the business. If you wish to obtain more detailed information regarding ISO 14064-1 certification costs, please contact our ISO 14064-1 certification consultants.